This resource has been developed by Xtreem Print and Display to outline our requirements for DVD master submission, as well as clarify some important copyright and royalty issues.

DLT tape drive (use type III or VI tape)

DVD-R drive

What must I supply as a DVD master?

When you give us your master, it must be completely ready for production as we copy the masters ‘as is’. We assume that you have gone through all the process of data testing, video quality, sound quality, menus and software functionality.

Please note that copying files to a DLT tape or a DVD-R disc is not the same as mastering discs. Common mastering software includes: DVD Studio Pro (Apple), Sonic DVD Creator, Sonic DVD Fusion, Sonic Scenarist and Sonic Reel DVD.

Conversely, if you simply have a video that you would like put onto DVD but don’t have the time or resources, we can do it for you! Xtreem Technology offer video encoding and authoring services to make it simple for you.

Media accepted for DVD masters

There are different types of DVDs and the media accepted for a DVD-5 is different from the media accepted for a DVD-9.

Please do not send the only copy of your master! Keep a backup copy for yourself in case of disaster. Xtreem Technology are not responsible for damage or loss to a master in transit or data corruption discovered during the glass mastering process.


We accept a DLT tape or a DVD-R disc. We can also accept an unencrypted DVD replica, as long as we have proof of copyright authorisation.


We accept DLT tape only. Each layer must be on a separate tape, meaning you must supply two tapes. We can also accept an unencrypted DVD-9 replica, as long as we have proof of copyright authorisation.

DVD Disc Encryption

As a security measure to make DVDs more difficult to copy, many long run DVD videos are encrypted. The two major encryption schemes are CSS encryption and Macrovision.

CSS Encryption

CSS is an acronym for Content Scrambling System and is intended to prevent the copying of digital video files directly from the DVD disc. This encryption scheme will prevent the casual user from a DVD on their computer. Like all encryption schemes, this method is not infallible. Software is readily available to allow hackers or pirates to copy an encrypted disc.

For projects that require CSS encryption, we only accept DLT tapes. Although you can supply a DLT tape already CSS encrypted, in most cases it will be supplied without encryption. Xtreem Technology will then add encryption during our glass mastering process. Your project will incur additional mastering fees for CSS encryption.


The Macrovision Analogue Copy Protection System (ACP) prevents the copying from a DVD to VHS by making pictures noisy and unstable when converted to the analogue video format used by VHS. This is a very effective system when applied to VHS; however it does not prevent copying from DVD to DVD-R on a PC.

Macrovision must be implemented by the author during the authoring process. You must pay a per disc licensing fee for the ACP by contacting Macrovision and completing a usage agreement with Macrovision. You will then be supplied with a contract that allows you to produce the licensed number of discs using their ACP. Xtreem Technology’s licensed DVD manufacturing facility will report to Macrovision the volume of discs produced for your order so that you can be billed appropriately.

Anti Piracy Compliance Program

Xtreem Technology respects and supports the copyrights of others. We insist on written documentation that you have the legal rights to replicate the information on your DVD product. We also require that you complete the Intellectual Property Rights Form and Indemnification Letter for all projects. Some projects might require additional information.

Patents and Royalties

The ‘basic’ manufacturing royalties paid to the companies that hold the patents associated with the replication process are included in our DVD price list. To avoid the possibility of legal prosecution, fines and seizure of your product you should ensure that your DVD and CDs are manufactured by a fully licensed replicator. Xtreem Technology manufacturing facilities are fully licensed.

Additional royalties may be required depending on the features used in the software of your disc. Examples of additional royalties include:

  • - MPEG LA (if MPEG compression is used)
  • - Dolby (if Dolby sound processing is used)
  • - Thompson Multimedia (if MP3 is used)
  • - Macrovision (if Macrovision encoding processing is used)
  • - DVD Copy Control Association (if CSS encryption is used)

These royalties are subject to change as the licensing rules and agreements are modified.

This is not intended to be a complete list of all royalties due. Each project is different so the royalties will vary with the features used on the disc.

If your project does not use any features requiring royalty fees, such as a DVD-ROM disc, then no additional royalty charges will apply.

Please contact Xtreem Technology if we may be of any assistance at enquiries@xtreemtc.com.au or use our Quick Quote system for specific pricing information.